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Patient no. 1

The patient is a woman with an old, cracked bridge in her upper teeth. The shape of the teeth and the color of the bridge did not look good at all in her smile. After removing the crowns and fixing the teeth, we gave the patient a new all-ceramic zirconia bridge, the color and shape of which we adjusted to match her own teeth. The result is great - the bridge doesn't look obvious in her mouth, the color matches, and the patient is satisfied.

Patient no. 2

For many years, a discolored tooth that seemed "dead" had a negative impact on the overall impression of the patient's smile. Given the patient's age, we decided to proceed with a minimally invasive approach without affecting the other teeth, and we improved the aesthetics with a combined approach. home teeth whitening and fabrication dental crowns for the discolored tooth. The patient is satisfied, and so are we.

Patient no.3

A young female patient with agenesis (failure to develop) of the upper second incisors. Given the patient's age, we decided to reconstruct the aesthetics using adhesive wings to replace the missing teeth and non-prep veneers on the adjacent teeth to close a relatively large gap. First, we created a future tooth shape using wax (so-called Wax Up), which we tested in the patient's mouth before starting the actual work. The result is worth it, and all of this without any intervention into the teeth.

Patient no. 4

A patient with a request to correct the position of her upper front incisors. She was not satisfied with the alignment (rotation) of her teeth and overall appearance of her smile. To minimize intervention into her teeth, we fabricated 4 very thin All-ceramic veneers .

Patient no. 5

A female patient with a request for aesthetic correction of her upper first incisors. Both teeth are non-vital and have been endodontically treated (dead teeth) with aesthetically unsatisfactory fillings covering their entire surface, which detracts from the overall impression of her smile. We fabricated two individualized Zirconia crowns, the shape and color of which were adjusted to match the remaining teeth, so that they would not be visually disruptive in terms of shape and color.

Patient no. 6

young patient with a "dead" and discolored incisor in the upper jaw. After consultation, we decided to fabricate an individualized so-called eLABZirconia crown. Method eLAB enables us to digitally create a crown using special photographic filters and software, which creates the impression in the mouth that the crown is just like the patient's own tooth.

The unit on the opposite side of the dentition is healthy and hitting the color, the internal structure on the front tooth is the most difficult discipline for the dental technician. This procedure is very time-consuming for us, but it is worth it. The photo is taken immediately after the crown was placed.

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